The best recorded groups are Duncan’s own group, which was known as de Carrick, and the Mac Cennetig (Kennedy) family, who seems to have provided the earldom’s hereditary stewards. Cailean and presumably Duncan’s other legitimate sons, had died before their father. Another known Anglo-French knight was Thomas de Colville, nicknamed “The Scot” dating a stammerer. English records attest to Duncan’s involvement in Ireland. While from Alan’s point of view it was only part of a series of moves to expand his territory further into former Gall-Gaidhil lands dating a stammerer. Gilbert would have the west and Uhtred the east. He had received a pardon by granting patronage of the church of Straiton and land of Hachinclohyn to William de Bondington, the Bishop of Glasgow, which was confirmed by Alexander II in 1244. Afterwards the foundation of Paisley was to hand over its Carrick properties to the newly established monastery. Though no details are given in any contemporary sources, Duncan had gained possession of some of his father’s lands in the west of the kingdom of Gall-Gaidhil, namely the “earldom” of Carrick. ” Henry then sent his response to Duncan’s request to his Justiciar: “King John granted to Donnchadh of Carrick, land in Ulster called Balgeithelauche [probably Ballygalley, county Antrim]. Twenty years after the bishop’s ruling, Paisley would complain to the papacy, then led by Pope Clement IV, who would then issue two bulls, on eon June 11, 1265 and the other on February 6, 1266. Roger of Hoveden would describe this action as “contrary to Henry’s prohibition”. The “Melrose Charter” mentions that Alan was parson of Kirchemanen. Cuthbert of Maybole sometime between 1185 and 1250. Barrow, this theory could be disproved by one English royal document that was written in the name of King John of England. Gilbert promised to pay him 1000 marks of silver and handed over his son Duncan as a hostage.

It wasn’t until after Duncan died that the two positions were separated. John with the help from his wife’s brother, King Raghnall mac Gofraidh and perhaps from Duncan had tried to regain his principality but was initially unsuccessful. Three main rivers, the Doon, the Girvan, and the Stinchar, were in the area, but most of the province was hilly, meaning that most wealth would have come from animal husbandry rather than farming. Another of Duncan’s sons, John, had owned land in Straiton. The document described him as the brother of the Earl of Carrick, who at that time would have been Duncan. Historian Sean Duffy, argues that the Bissets (later known as the “Bissets of the Glens”) helped Hugh de Lacy, and probably ended up with Duncan’s territory as a reward. As for siblings of Duncan, it’s not clear how many he may have had, but at least two are known. Nine years later, after his father had died, Uhtred’s son, Lochlann (Roland) would invade western Galloway. She had married Adam of Kilconquhar, a member of the Mac Duibh family of Fife, and Robert VI de Brus, Lord of Annandale. Relations with the bishop of Glasgow, within whose diocese Carrick had been, are also attested. About three years later, John would marry Duncan’s cousin Affraic inghen Gofraidh, whose father Gofraidh, King of the Isles, was the son of Duncan’s aunt. Lochlann would be summoned and then agreed to the terms. He was the younger son of the lord of Castle Bytham, who was a significant landowner in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Having defeated his brother, Gilbert unsuccessfully sought to become a direct vassal of Henry II of England. His father was Gille-Brighde or Gilbert as he is known in French and English, of Galloway. King Henry III repeated his earlier but ineffective instructions.

He also recorded that he married the daughter of Alan fitz Walter under the protest from the Scottish king, and that he fought a battle in Ireland in 1197 assisting John de Courcy, Prince of Ulster. At the same time, they fought one another, with Duncan’s father ultimately prevailing. In upland locations like Straiton, Glengennet, and Bennan, as well as in the east locations such as Turnberry and Dalquharran..
. As the result of Gilbert’s conflict with Uhtred and the Scottish monarch William “The Lion”, Duncan was kept as a hostage of King Henry II of England. Upon defeating the region’s king, Ruaidhri Mac Duinn Shleibhe, John was able to take over control of a large territory. Donnchadh, Duncanus, Duncan Duncan in English, Duncanus in Latin, and Donnchadh, all names of the same man. By 1219, Duncan and his nephew appear to have lost all or at least most of their Irish lands. Uhtred of Galloway was his uncle and the rival of Gilbert, both men were sons of Fergus, Prince or Lord of Galloway. He would be succeeded in the earldom by Niall. Carrick was located in Firth of Clyde in the Irish Sea region, far from the main centers of Scottish and Anglo-Norman influence lying to its east and southeast. Brigit at Kirkbride to the nuns, as well as a grant of three marks from a place called Barrebeth. Some English governmental records do describe his activities in relation to Ireland, and occasionally chronicle entries from England and English-speaking regions of what became part of southeastern Scotland. This also explains the strong alliance with O Neill that was held by Niall’s grandsons. However, by 1224, Duncan still had not regained his lands and de Lacy’s adherents were gaining more ground in the region. It could also reduce anxiety for patients, and may indirectly cut production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with the speech impediment. .


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